Eat, Drink and Be Safe

Over this seasonal period, social gatherings are going to be a different affair, with restricted opening and closing times and regional tier restrictions on social distancing and trading.  For the majority of us it is like that our festivities are going to be household and family focused this year.

However, the message will always remain the same.  Alcoholic beverages have the same content at home as they do in the pubs, clubs etc.  The thing that changes, is the amount in your glass, self-service shots for example are often 1.5 to 2x the regulated volume when serviced from a bar etc.

So when we are asked “how much did you drink last night?” , if you’re at home, you can probably double the amount you think you did.

So what’s the issue?  We can’t go out at night, so the risk of driving home after it has been eliminated.  The issue is …. the next day!

Driving the morning after could put you and other road users at risk as you could still be under the influence of alcohol, and even if you ‘feel’ sober, you may well be over the drink drive limit.  Leading up to a well-deserved holiday, please think about the drive to work the day after, control your consumption, and be safe for all.