Hot temperatures leading to fires

We have seen in the news, the tireless efforts of the fire services and armed forces to bring the fires under control on the Moors in Greater Manchester.

Whilst it is reported that these fires have been started maliciously, it does serve as a reminder to check our fire procedures and precautions are adequate and effective in the workplace.

The greater temperatures may also require the need to enhance certain procedures.

For example, how often do you check your designated smoking area, to ensure that all cigarettes are extinguished fully and none are smouldering in the ashtray?  In this weather, all the debris in these areas is drying out and providing a significant risk of fire spread should a cigarette not be completely extinguished.

Are all batteries being disposed of in a battery bin?  Batteries disposed of as general waste can lead to fires in the waste bins, the risk is greater as the temperature around such items increases.

Is all your waste placed in the waste bins provided?  Waste spilling out into the general area only serves as additional fuel to a fire and aids its spread.

And finally, the hot weather and ease of access to any type of fuel, (dry fauna, excessive waste build up) invites the opportunist arsonist to attempt to start a fire.  Ensure your waste areas are secured from unauthorised access and arrange for a more regular collection service to avoid large volumes being held for long periods of time.