HSE Raises Fee For Intervention (FFI)

Employers breaking health and safety law will have to pay enforcement costs at £129 per hour, up from £124 per hour, the rate the scheme launched with in October 2012.

It comes after the HSE’s annual Report 2015/16 was published showing Fee for Intervention is costing more to run that it can recover. Income from the scheme was £14.7m in 2015/16 but the cost was £17.4m, bringing in a deficit of £2.7m.

FFI was brought in under the Health and Safety (Fees) Regulation 2012, placing a duty on the HSE to recover their costs for enforcing health and safety laws from offending companies. Those companies seeking to meet their health and safety duties and being able to demonstrate their commitment will have little concern over this increase, however for those that ignore their duties the cost of doing so and being caught could now be even greater.

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