NRSWA Card Production Temporarily Suspended

In accordance with Government advice, SWQR card production for Operatives and Supervisors has been suspended until 31st January.  The decision on whether card production can resume in February will be based upon further updates and levels of restrictions imposed by Government.What does this mean for centres and candidates?
Centres and candidates should continue to submit applications to Street Works as normal.  All applications sent to SWQR will be held by Royal Mail and processed when they return to their offices.

Can Street Works confirm to employers / inspectors that I am on the Register?
Street Works can confirm to the candidate via e-mail if:

  • they have received and processed the application
  • you are on the Register
  • your card has still to be printed

Can I submit my applications electronically?
Street Works will shortly be publishing a digital application form, which will be available on their website for candidates and centres to submit applications.  They will also be contacting centres with high volumes of applications to submit these via SharePoint.

How do I make sure I am kept up to date with any changes?
You can sign up to SWQR’s License Reminder and Alerts service on their website at https://www.swqr.org.uk/SWQR/subscribeToAlerts,  You can also check the website for regular updates on changes to application processing.