CHAS Accreditation

For many years we have been providing assistance to our clients who are attempting to get CHAS Accredited Status.   

CHAS (The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) is a health and safety competence approval scheme with over 70,000 accredited contractors. Used by over 900 public and private sector clients as a bench mark for compliance tool, ensuring suppliers and contractors can demonstrate a minimum standard of health and safety legal and good practice compliance.

In order to demonstrate our own commitment to a visible standard C&C chose to follow the CHAS standard.  (we help others in achieving this, why wouldn’t we want to achieve it ourselves)

In October 2017 we submitted our application and received our compliance notification.  A certificate that is proudly displayed in both our offices.

If you are considering applying for CHAS and require some advice and guidance along the way, please get in contact on 01525 851752 or email enquiries@ccconsulting.uk.com