7 simple tips on how to avoid accidents this Christmas

Lots of fire risks drastically increase during the winter – electrical fires are statistically the highest cause of fire in the home – as we all try to stay warm during the colder months, particularly at Christmas time.

Here are 7 simple tips on how to avoid accidents:

1) be aware where you put your Christmas tree – electric lights can generate heat and provide an ignition source

2) use safety approved lights, do not join cables to extend them – they may look great, but they can be deadly!

3) keep decorations and cards away from fires and other heat sources

4) do not leave burning candles unattended – make sure you put them out before going to bed and do not put candles on Christmas trees

5) if you have old Christmas lights, seriously consider replacing them; newer lights will meet much higher safety standards

6) when decorating your tree, keep the lights switched off until it is complete, and remember to switch the lights off at the plug when going out or going to bed – statistically more fires occur at night

7) beware of overloading extension cables – this can easily cause fires.