Updated Guidance on RIDDOR

Whilst there are changes to legal requirements, there are changes to guidance which will help you understand how and when you should submit a report under RIDDOR.

Main changes to the guidance include:

  • more direct links to guidance on the various types of reportable incidents to help you decide whether a report is required.
  • improved guidance on who should and should not report under RIDDOR.
  • improved guidance on what is meant by a ‘work-related’ accident.
  • information on when an occupational disease is not reportable.
  • increased clarity on when an ‘over-7-day’ absence should be reported.

Main changes to the online forms include:

  • the questions have been reordered to bring questions about the ‘severity of injuries’ to the beginning. This will help you quickly decide if your incident is reportable.
  • pop-up messages will now redirect you if the incident is not reportable.
  • guidance has been improved throughout the forms to make them easier to use.
  • injured or affected people now have an increased number of options when completing the gender field.

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