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10 Workplace Safety Principles Every Business Should Have

All workplaces can be dangerous, no matter what the industry or sector. Therefore, it’s critical that businesses have good health and safety management systems in place, which must include certain principles.

In this short article, we look a little closer at 10 Workplace Safety Principles as outlined by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), that all businesses should have in order to keep employees and visitors safe.  Continue reading…

HSG L74 – First Aid at Work Updates

The HSE has released the amended HSG L74 – First Aid at Work – Guidance on Regulations publications, but what’s changed?

The amendments include terminology changes, and clarification on the employers’ responsibility to account for the mental health of their employees within in their first aid needs assessment. Continue reading…

Working in Cold & Wintery Weather

As the weather conditions worsen the HSE has re-released their guidance on working in the cold and wintery weather. ❄️

Make sure you protect workers during low temperatures and wintry conditions, low temperatures and less daylight can make surfaces perilous. As a result, slip and trip accidents increase significantly. The guidance below explains how you can assess the risks to workers and put controls in place to protect them.



Thank you for fundraising!

Following our Charity Dog Walk completed in December last year, we received a lovely certificate from The Lighthouse Charity for our fundraising events!

The charity’s primary purpose is to provide financial and welfare support to construction workers and their families who have suffered hardship as a consequence of accident, illness, or bereavement.

We thought we’d share this with you all as this is your achievement as much as ours, thank you again to everyone who donated. 💙

Why Industry Needs Health & Safety Consultants, And Why C&C Consulting Is Right For You?

Choosing the right health and safety consultancy for your business or other organisation, whichever industry or sector it happens to be in, is a decision that can’t, and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

To help you make this decision, in this article, we look at why modern industry needs the services of health and safety consultants, and some of the standout reasons why C&C Consulting is the right health and safety consultancy for you. 

If an employee is off work because of an accident-causing personal injury, for more than 7 days, when should I report it and to who?

Where an employee is unable to do his or her normal work for more than seven days because of an injury caused by a work-related accident, the employer must send a report to the enforcing authority as soon as is practicable and, in any event, within 15 days of the accident. The seven days does not include the day of the accident but does include any days that would not have been working days. The employer should report the injury by completing and submitting the relevant online form on the Health and Safety Executive’s website. (The period of incapacity that triggers the employer’s duty to report an accident increased from over three days to over seven days on 6 April 2012).  Employers must still keep a record of any accident that results in an employee being incapacitated for more than three days.