Risk Assessment & Method Statements

Workplace Risk Assessments

The Regulation provides that employers with five or more employees must record the significant findings of their risk assessment. This record should represent an effective statement of hazards and risks which should then lead to relevant actions being taken to protect health and safety.

We help our clients understand that not all risk have to be negative and that well thought out risk assessments can lead to business improvements and increased profits. Our consultants are health and safety experts and between them have a wealth of experience in helping businesses to challenge the way they do risk assessments to achieve greater results.

Method Statements

Safety method statements are most often found in the construction sector and are particularly helpful for:

  • Higher risk complex or unusual work (e.g. steel and formwork erection, demolition or the use of hazardous substances)
  • Providing information to employees about how the work should be done and the precautions to be taken
  • Providing the principal contractor with information to develop the health and safety plan for the construction phase of a project

We help our clients on a daily basis when it comes to producing method statements. Our diverse occupational experience ensures we can offer relevant and task specific advice on methodology, and in many cases produce a sequence of works based on this experience. Whatever your need, our approach is flexible to ensure the appropriate level of support is received.

Health and Safety Risk Assessment

A Health and Safety Risk Assessment is a systematic and structured process used to identify, evaluate, and mitigate potential hazards and risks in the workplace, or other environments, to ensure employee and visitor well-being.
These assessments are a fundamental component of any effective occupational health and safety programme, as they not only help prevent accidents, they also show your commitment to compliance with your legal requirements.

Steps of a Health and Safety Risk Assessment

  • Hazard Identification: This step of the Health and Safety Risk Assessment involves identifying anything in the workplace that could potentially cause harm. This could be chemicals, machinery, or the general layout of the workspace.
  • Assessment of Risks: Once hazards have been identified, the next step is to assess the level of risk associated with each hazard. This will include consideration of the likelihood of an accident/injury occurring and the potential severity of harm.
  • Evaluating Existing Control Measures: A Health and Safety assessment will also involve reviewing the existing safety measures and protocols already in place to mitigate risks. This step helps determine if the current safety measures are sufficient or need updating.
  • Prioritising Risks: Remember, not all risks are equal in terms of their potential impact, and prioritising risks, helps focus your resources and attention on the most significant risks that require your immediate action.
  • Risk Mitigation and Control: After you’ve identified and assessed risks, the assessment process moves to the development and implementation of control measures, such as safety training, procedure changes, equipment upgrades etc.
  • Monitoring and Review: Another important point to consider, is that Health and Safety Risk Assessments aren’t a one-time task. Assessments should be regularly reviewed and updated to account for new hazards, or the effectiveness of existing control measures.
  • Documentation: Keeping proper documentation of Health and Safety Assessments is crucial. This includes recording identified hazards, risk assessments, control measures, and the outcomes of the assessments.

Need help with Health and Safety in your workplace?

At C&C Consulting, we’ve got a team of fully qualified and experienced Health and Safety experts on hand to guide you through any difficulties you or your team may be having complying with current Health and Safety legislation.

Whether it’s providing audits, documentation, procedures, site/workplace inspections or access to the H&S software solution, C&C Consulting is here to assist you with all your Health and Safety requirements.

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