Accident/Incident Investigations

Workplace accident investigation is used to determine the cause(s) of an accident and identify any failures of the health and safety management system. It allows measures to be put in place and management procedures to be amended in order to prevent re-occurrences.

Workplace accident investigation reports may also be used to defend any legal action against an organisation as they show what is being done in actively trying to reduce the possibility of re-occurrences.

The process involved in investigating serious accidents may involve:

  • Inspection of the accident/incident location and recording of evidence
  • Inspection of site health and safety documentation in relation to the accident/incident
  • Taking witness statements
  • Interviewing injured parties
  • Preparation of a full report indicating the root causes of the accident/incident and any recommendations required

In the event an accident occurs, our consultants can offer a reactive monitoring and workplace accident investigation service incorporating all of the above factors.

If you feel you need advice or assistance in carrying out an investigation, contact the Consulting team for immediate support.

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