Annual Statistics for Health and Safety at work 2022

HSE has published their summary of statistics for Great Britain 2022.  Here is a snapshot of the information reported:

  • 1.8 million working people suffering from a work-related illness, of which,
  • 914,000 workers suffering work-related stress, depression, or anxiety.
  • 477,000 workers suffering from a work-related musculoskeletal disorder.

  • 123,000 workers suffering from COVID-19 which they believe may have been from exposure to coronavirus at work.
  • 2,544 mesothelioma deaths due to past asbestos exposures (2020).
  • 123 workers killed in work-related accidents.
  • 565,000 working people sustained an injury at work according to the Labour Force Survey.
  • 61,713 injuries to employees reported under RIDDOR.

Download the full summary from here: