Construction Leadership Council – Protecting your workforce during Coronavirus

The Construction Leadership Council periodically releases their operating procedures for workforces on site, whilst the risk of COVID-19 exists.  Currently Version 7 – 07th Jan 2021.

The Site Operating Procedures have been updated to reflect the latest Government guidance in England. The changes in Version 7 are minor, including updated guidance on self-isolation and shielding and the removal of the requirement to display a QR code in site canteens.

C&C has seen these operating procedures become a benchmark for the set up and management of the COVID-19 risk on all but the smallest construction sites.  Even the smaller sites should reference this document when developing their own COVID management strategy.

The health implications of transmission between workers, coupled with the potential delays arising from a mandatory shut down, continually serve as incentives for site managers to monitor their controls regularly.

To download the latest CLC procedures click here