Get Prepared – CSCS Visitor Cards From February 2020

As of 28 February 2020, CSCS will no longer be issuing or renewing its yellow Construction Site Visitor cards.

The cards were originally introduced for workers who did not perform a construction related role but visited sites on a regular basis. Jobs included cleaning, catering and security staff.

But the visitor cards are also used by other workers doing construction related jobs to gain entry onto site without holding the right qualifications or health and safety training.

CSCS wants to stop this happening, as well as ensure that only those in construction occupations are asked to show their CSCS cards, as part of a broader, industry-wide shake up of the cards system.

The Visitor cards will soon no longer be issued, making it harder for workers without skills or safety qualifications to get onto construction sites. The withdrawal of the Site Visitor card will see an increase in the numbers of individuals turning up to site without a card and therefore not able to work.

“If a worker is there to carry out a construction related activity then a card is required as proof of their training and qualifications. If they are there to perform a non-construction related activity a card should not be required.

The strategy prompted the closure of the Construction Related Occupation card last March, which required 300,000 card holders to put plans in place to obtain a recognised qualification, and the withdrawal of the green Construction Site Operative card in 2014.

Construction Site Visitor cards issued from 3 September 2018 will expire on 31 August 2020 and CSCS will stop issuing Site Visitor cards altogether in February 2020.

If you have any active working operatives on-site using this card, we advise you to think about arranging appropriate training, such as occupational NVQ now avoiding any potential delays and cost increases due to increasing demand.   Speak to our sister company C&C Training Ltd, to discuss alternative solutions for your employees.