HSE announce next phase of industry inspection

The HSE announced the launch of a three-month inspection campaign in the waste and recycling industry on 1st October 2018. Unannounced inspections will focus in particular on the management of workplace transport and machinery safety. While fire safety will be the focus of the visits, the HSE says that other matters of evident concern which are found will also be dealt with.

In particular:

  1. Work at height
  2. Planning for work at height
  3. Suitability of the work at height equipment
  4. Competence of those involved
  5. Monitoring of in-use systems for continued suitability and safety in use
  6. General site-wide issues
  7. Protection of the public
  8. Safety zones, danger zones etc.

It has produced a sector technical note for its inspectors in the appendix to its operational guidance, which it says will also be useful for clients, managing agents, designers and contractors involved in planning, procuring and undertaking the work. It strongly advises those engaged to read and follow the guidance in the note.