HSG168 Fire Safety in Construction

The industry has been waiting for some time, to access this revised guidance.  The aftermath of Grenfell and the new and updated legislation for the management of high rise premises meant that there would surely be an impact on the construction industry. Though not directly mentioned as there was no construction element involved in the Grenfell fire, the wider impact of elimination and managing fire risk in premises during the pre-construction and construction phase has been expanded, to give focused guidance inline with the expectations of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015.

The dreaded words ‘complex’ buildings is referenced and sets out the SKATE requirements for a nominated individual undertaking the Construction Site Fire Risk Assessment.  Eliminating and or reducing the fire risk at the pre-construction phase, sets out valuable opportunities for the Construction Teams to engage with the Principal Designer and design team, to implement suitable and sufficient controls to manage this risk throughout the Construction Phase.  It goes without saying, if your structures are assessed as ‘complex’, involving your fire risk assessor at the pre-construction phase, will positively contribute to the effectiveness of the construction fire management plan.

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