It’s Time to Step In!

Following their original report in 2022 Step up to Safe Ladders, in which the suitability of survey extending ladders purchased via suppliers and online platforms was questioned, this latest report Time to Step In

is seeking Government intervention to make regulatory changes to hold suppliers and online platforms accountable for ensuring the equipment is compliant to the required standards and safe to use.

It is shocking to learn that in this latest research report, the Ladder Association re-tested samples from the original study and found 100% of the survey ladders re-tested failed the required EN131-6 safety tests and remain non-compliant and dangerous.

Evidence of false claims of compliance and false labelling was also discovered, deliberately designed to mislead a consumer.

Don’t fall into the trap of purchasing a non-compliant piece of equipment.  Download and read the two reports below and decide where and whom to purchase such equipment from and seek assurances that it is compliant for the workplace.

Step up to Safe Ladders (Phase 1)

Time to Step In (Phase 2)