Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS) review

RAMS are often prepared in advance of a project starting. Due diligence is applied to the known and sometimes assumed processes of application and implementation to enable a suitable and sufficient RAMS to be accepted by the Client or Principal Contractor. 

It is increasingly evident, through our advisors’ checks on the site based paperwork, that these documents are not always evolving with the works. Simple indications such as a different Contracts Manager or Supervisor, contradicting the information in the document, to more safety critical concerns such as using an alternative method of application that introduces new hazards that have not been included in the document.

There is nothing wrong with a handwritten amendment completed by the supervisor in charge of the work, countersigned by the contracts manager as evidence that the works have been reviewed. As important as controlling the new hazards arising out of an alternative method of work, is ensuring those that are doing the work have signed to demonstrate their understanding of the new method.