Staying safe on the road as the nights get darker

Although only 10% of all driving is done at night, a staggering 40% of collisions occur during the hours of darkness*.

Driving conditions are remarkably different in the night time, vision is reduced and it can be more difficult to see vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists. If your workers are driving at times when they would usually be asleep then they are in much greater danger of falling asleep behind the wheel.

With the clocks going back an hour at the end of this month, now is a good time to remind all your employees to take extra care.  This can be achieved by simply sending an email or forwarding this newsletter onto your colleagues, or placing it on your noticeboard. However you do it, be sure to include the following tips:

– Check head and tail lights are in good working order and are clean

– Check the main beam function is working

– Allow slightly longer times to complete your journey and factor in breaks

– Allow extra distance between you and the car in front

*Statistics from ROSPA website.