Don’t let all of your hard work this year, result in no more work next year…

A vehicle is an essential tool in today’s business climate and its loss can have serious implications to your business and personal life. The loss of a driving licence can often result in the loss of employment.

Traditionally the month of December sees the start of the Christmas party season which continues right up until the New Year. Whilst C&C Consulting do not wish to dampen the Christmas spirit, we certainly feel it is pertinent to remind employers and their employees that one unit of alcohol can take approximately two hours to pass out of the human system.

As with previous years, police are continuing to crack down on drunk and drugged drivers with the launch of their Christmas Anti Drink and Drug Drive Campaign:

  • Road checkpoints are being set up at key locations across the county for the whole of December in a bid to arrest people who should not be on the roads
  • or the first time the festive crackdown will see officers using saliva testing kits alongside the standard breath tests, meaning motorists will not only be tested for alcohol but also for cannabis and cocaine

Inspector Andy Trotter from the county’s Road Policing Unit said: “This Christmas will be the first year we have used the new drug-testing kits alongside standard kits for alcohol testing, which means we are better equipped than ever to identify those who take this very dangerous risk.”

Last year, a total of 5,012 drink drive tests were carried out across the county in December, with 153 people failing the test and four refusing to provide a specimen – resulting in a failure rate of 3.1%.