Safety alert issued from mask manufacturer

Equipment manufacturers Scott Safety is alerting customers to a possible fault on the front fitting of Phantom Vision Powered Respirator assemblies.

The fault may be present in the form of an axial split along the wall of the exhale valve port.

Scott Safety has requested that customers return any masks in this condition to its service centres for replacement of the front fitting and testing – free of charge.

Its Operations have carried out improvements to the front fitting manufacturing process to eliminate this fault. All replacement fittings will have been produced following the improvements.

Quality manager Jonathan Cooper said: “Phantom Vision Powered Respirators showing this crack have been tested by the British Standards Institute and still conform to BS EN 12942:1998+A2:2008 and therefore we do not believe there is any danger in using these masks.”

To check for any splits, remove the inner mask and blower as required when cleaning.


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