‘Health in Construction – The Facts’ Poster 2016

Over recent years there have been big improvements in reducing the number and rate of injuries to construction workers. What has been less recognised is that construction is a high risk industry for health issues too.

This summer sees the release of HSE’s new ‘Health in Construction – The Facts’ poster on work-related ill health amongst construction workers in Great Britain. The poster visualises the key information in an info-graphic style, allowing health and safety professionals to easily educate their workforce about the scale and consequences of poor health management in the construction industry.

Make sure you share this information with your workforce. Use it to:

• Convey the importance of good health & safety management
• Demonstrate organisational commitment to improve the current picture
• Encourage employees to take personal responsibility for their own health
• Refresh health & safety notice boards with relevant messages
• Start conversations on how you can improve things together