Managing EMF Health & Safety Risks

1. Initial Assessment

Have you downloaded the HSE’s HSG281 guide to the regulations? Have you compared your equipment with the low and high risk lists provided by the HSE?

2. Identifying Employees at Special Risk

Have you identified people at special risk from EMF? e.g. Employees with active implanted medical devices (AIMDs) passive implanted medical devices (PIMDs) or body worn medical devices (BWMDs)?

Employees who have told you that they are pregnant?

Employees that are in close proximity to electro explosive devices, explosive materials or flammable atmospheres?

3. Higher Risk Activities, Processes or Equipment

If you have any of the potentially higher risk activities and no exemption applies, have you carried out a detailed risk assessment, written a risk control plan and informed your employees of the measures you are taking?

4. Other

If you employ 5 or more people have you recorded the findings of your more detailed risk assessment in writing?

Have you checked your new equipment for information of EMF risks?

Have you asked employees to report to their line management if they could be at special risk?