Supporting homeworkers with display screen equipment

If you run a business, the chances are you now have employees working from home, whether still on a temporary basis or making the change permanently.

For those people who are working at home on a long-term basis, the risks associated with using display screen equipment (DSE) must be controlled. This includes them doing workstation assessments at home.

There is no increased risk from DSE work for those working at home temporarily. So in that situation employers do not need to ask them to carry out home workstation assessments.

However, as an employer you should provide workers with advice on completing their own basic assessment at home. Here’s a practical workstation checklist which can be sent to help them¬†https://lnkd.in/gQ3uzxY. For those employers who are implementing permanent home working, VISION’s online DSE management tool is perfect for keeping track of employees’ home working DSE setups.