Why Digitising Your Health & Safety System Should be on Your Agenda

As the world becomes ever more reliant on technology and the benefits of digitisation are becoming more widely felt, health and safety management systems are now starting to follow the trend.  Manual, paperbased and spreadsheet systems are being replaced by cloud-based systems that provide instantly accessible and real-time information and here’s why:

1. Efficient Processes

Better results start when teams are aligned and moving in the same direction. A digitised health and safety platform that simplifies communication across departments leads to better efficiency and process reliability by reducing the chance for misunderstanding and errors that can cause key tasks and projects to go off-track.

2. Reduction in Duplicate Efforts

Your Safety & Occupational Health staff spend a lot of their time daily inputting the same data into their separate systems, resulting in wasted effort and increasing the risk of errors that compromise data integrity. By sharing data between departments in a single, unified solution, you eliminate the need to manage redundant data and instead allow your teams to focus on more critical issues.

3. Better Data Visibility to Manage Risk

With a digitised system, your visibility into operational risk management and compliance is enhanced. With a clearer view of reporting opportunities, your leadership teams can make better, data-driven decisions on health & safety strategy, and front-line workers have more information to manage risks and monitor compliance in their work environment in real-time.

4. Elimination of Paperwork & Sustainable Working

Manually sending files between departments is slowly becoming a practice of the past. A cloud-based system ensures your people are not spending their time chasing paperwork or waiting on information. Data access and flow between functions reduces the administrative burden of managing paper and provides instand access to real time data whenever and where ever it is needed.

5. Enhanced Employee Engagement

Pulling all your reporting data together in a centralised, unified, and mobile-accessible platform ensures that staff have access to the full power of your management system anywhere, at any time. That accessibility enables them to be an active, engaged and a  contributing team member who’s committed to advancing health and safety performance at your business.

6. Reduced Costs

By reducing duplicate efforts, improving processes, and eliminating reliance on paper, spreadsheets and email chains, your organization can improve operational efficiency and lower costs, leading to better bottom-line performance.

7. Better Compliance to ISO

The nature of cloud-based systems and their auditing trail functions, are high up on the tick list by ISO accreditors.  So if you are looking to achieve ISO45001, digisiting your health and safety management system will have a huge positive impact.

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