Forklift Trucks – is your workforce safe?

Forklift Trucks – is your workforce safe?

Did you know that a forklift truck is one of the most dangerous methods of workplace transport in the UK?

Every year, more than 800 workers are seriously injured. Despite these figures, the UK still has the lowest accident record in Europe thanks to Risk Awareness – much done by the Forklift Truck Association.

This has been achieved through safety campaigns and initiatives, including the National Fork Truck Safety Week. The HSE, manufacturers, dealers and employers have all worked together to increase awareness of the dangers and steps needed to reduce risks and the ambitious Safer Site Programme is now into its ninth month.

The vital point has to be that employers must meet their legal obligations to ensure that all operators receive adequate training as required by law.

By following the Approved Code of Practice and Guidance (L117) you will know that you are in line with 10 pieces of legislation relevant to forklift truck operations.

Work continues to make sure that everyone working with or near to a forklift truck is operating safely.

Here’s where C&C Consulting can help. Make sure your staff are trained, give C&C Consulting a call today for expert advice along with excellent training opportunities with our sister-company C&C Training.

There is also more help and advice available through free fact sheets, posters and safety resources available from The Fork Lift Truck Association’s website and you can sign up to the Safer Site Programme.

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